我們訂了晚巿 7 時,駱老闆接待時第一句問我們是否趕時間,我們說不。他說先喝點茶,四處參觀拍照,培養一下吃飯的情緒。這間前舖後居的古老大宅,佈置古典華麗,若全店滿座應可坐 20 人左右。沒有菜單,牆上只寫著五餸和八餸兩個套餐選擇,卻沒說明是甚麼餸。我們知道分量少,二話不說點了八餸套餐,每位 128 令吉。



2016_07_06_seasiabackpacking_15外婆的「娘惹菜」有八類:湯、魚、蝦、牛、雞、菜、咖哩、飯,而因為外公帶來的商人有中、英、泰和馬拉人,外婆再配合不同風味和辛辣程度,變化出至少 32 道菜式。說到此,駱老闆的老媽推著做飯的材料出來,駱老闆說老媽得到外婆的烹調真傳,當晚的菜就是老媽親自下廚。


娘惹小廚房(Little Kitchen@Nyonya)
Address: No. 179, Lebuh Noordin, 10300 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: +604-261 6731


Penang Monster/Kimberlogic

Having three days on the island of Penang, Malaysia, I was excited to learn about the Penang National Park. One of the beaches in the park is called “Monkey Beach”, so I knew we would likely encounter monkeys. The trail started off as a leisurely stone pathway before turning into a rugged trail hiking. On the wide stone pathway the monkeys we saw in the distance were cute and I was eager to see more. After meeting a few groups of monkeys on the narrow trails, I am convinced that anyone who says they like monkeys has never been up close to one. Monkeys are evil. At one point of our hike, there was a monkey that would not let me pass. He stood his ground and blocked the trail as I heard all of his friends moving in the bushes surrounding me. I never thought I would be scared of a little monkey, but I was proven wrong that day.

After my run-in with the evil creature, I did gain a more confidence, but I would stop and prepare myself every time I heard the leaves rustle. I was standing on a low bridge with leaves and boulders underneath me when I heard a giant commotion. I could feel the movement under me. I was preparing myself to see another monkey, but what came out of the bushes I was not prepared for. I was frozen, I couldn’t move or talk for a few minutes. Ming Hay did not see what I saw. I didn’t know how to describe to him what I had seen. Was it a crocodile? Was it a dinosaur? No, it was a monster!


I had never heard of a monitor lizard before that day, and I would be happy to never see one again. This monster was huge! Forget about evil little monkeys, I can handle them; these monsters are on a whole other level! These “lizards” look like the small lizards you see everywhere in tropical areas, except they are enormous! This creature was at least as long as I am tall and moved quicker than I can run.

The next hour of our hike was excruciatingly stressful. We saw three more monsters and I was almost in tears. I am normally not very “girly”, but I had a total “girl moment” in the fact I almost made Ming Hay carry me the rest of the way because I was so frightened. We eventually made it to the beach and had a relaxing time sipping coconuts and swimming.

As the sun started to go down, Ming Hay knew there was no way he could get me to walk back. We were able to hire a boat to drive us back to the entrance of the park. Since we were the only tourists left at the beach we had to pay for the entire boat, but it was fun and because I didn’t have to encounter any more monsters I really enjoyed the experience.

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我們沒分東方或西方思想,只想以雜碎的遊歷去建立自己的世界觀和價值觀。We are neither eastern nor western mind. We just want to establish our worldview and values through traveling. 【李明熙】 曾用七個月時間從柏林踏單車回港,又不自量力參加蒙古越野單車賽。現從事影像製作、旅遊、教育等,自我催眠周身刀。著有「陌路回家」、「單車遊牧」及「良業遊民」。 【Kimberlogic】 An American who resides on the small island of Peng Chau, in Hong Kong, has a passion for traveling, partaking in local food and drink, different cultures and customs and watching people react to the world around them.